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Alternative Arts

Alternative Culture in Berlin

Learn about Berlin’s less mainstream, yet rich and fun alternative culture.

For over 20 years Berlin has been home to a summer a festival of artists, acrobats, comedians, magicians and old crafts and much more in Berlin called the Gauklerfest. It is a creative mixture of medieval marketplace and alternative arts.

You can also experience something traditional, quiet and very English in Berlin. Throughout the summer you can visit the Teahouse in the English Garden starting at 11 a.m. Every Sunday there will be an open air Jazz concert (for free) at 4 p.m.

The comedy theatre Wühlmäuse is the most popular and famous cabaret stage and they are very engaged in supporting new talent for German stages. Surely you can see lots of German stars there but you can also visit festivals for new talents that will be popular in some years or less. These supporting festivals are Kleinkunstfestival, Kabarettbundesliga and English Comedy Weekend. Comedy became really big over the last decade in Berlin. Berlin Quatsch Comedy Club is surely the most famous comedy club in Germany (stand-up comedy, regularly TV shows).

Improvisation theatre is present in Berlin with at least 10 stages with regular program and very well-known companies – its rather popular as you can see. The friends and fans of classic theatre should consider enjoying what talented artists and actors produce as improvisation right on the spot. It is a great impression and very admirable. The best known and oldest company is Theatersport Berlin (always Monday @ BKA), than comes IMPROBERLIN (every Thursday @ Distel), Bühnenrausch and Improtheater Paternoster.

In combination with the art of words and improvisation the next big thing is poetry slam in Berlin. The website Slammin‘ Poetry is offering a good round view over the scene and upcoming shows. There are tournaments on a regular base in Berlin (town, state, national).

Did you ever visit performance art? Did you ever hear about performance art? In Berlin there are regular festival. On a yearly basis there is the Month of Performance Art in Berlin – a whole month with workshops, discussions, presentations and shows. More information about performance arts can be found here. The Club Real is a great performance art collective residing in Berlin. During the summer there are a lot of street artists on Berlin streets and especially near tourists attractions.

You can also experience some so called off-theatres, small stages and companies that mostly don’t have a big budget, but invest a lot of enthusiasm into developing new views or interpretations about the art or a piece of art. Authenticity is mostly a common denominator. Two brilliant stages are the Hexenkessel Hoftheater, open air theatre through the summer @ Monbijoupark and fairy tale hut through winter, and the Theaterkapelle, a theatre plying and residing in an old chapel – additionally there is for hardcore enthusiasts also the chapel cellar as a combination pub theatre.

To get a very unique impression of the strange birds, show-offs and scenes you should sometime visit the famous Kumpelnest – you can’t describe it.  It is a very unique atmosphere that has been around for 25 years.

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