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Expert Guide Berlin

Hit the road with local experience without searching and asking.

You can spend a lot of time and money not knowing your way around Berlin and and our the habits and customs. These hints and tips should provide Berlin visitors with core knowledge to get around easily and smoothly.

Visitors arriving at the airport Schönefeld (SXF/BER) should aim to take the trains (railway, DB) or S-Bahn to get to the next big traffic distribution points (Ostbahnhof, Alexanderplatz, Hauptbahnhof, Bahnhof Zoo) to take the public transport or a taxi to their destination. Taking a taxi from this airport is normally a bad idea, at least in case you want to drive to some central place in town. Arriving at the airport Tegel (TXL) you take a bus more or less directly behind the arrival doors. You get off at Bahnhof Zoo and drive on from there. It is worth buying directly a ticket for your whole visit, because Berlin is too big to walk from place to place and paying each single ticket is not very clever.

A great tip for visitors wanting to visit a lot of attractions is the Berlin Welcomecard, this is a season/visit (discount) ticket that includes discounts for lots of attractions in Berlin and Potsdam. It is available for 2 to 5 days. It can be bought at every ticket machine, the additional guide can be picked up later at the stations where the ticket is normally sold (mostly every big central station).

It depends on your needs and wishes but mostly it is really not so important where to stay in Berlin – its a trip to Berlin and not a stay in a Hotel, isn’t it!? Through Couchsurfing, Wimdu, Air-BnB or by picking a small bnb or a guest house it is easy visiting Berlin on a budget. Normally it won’t pay off booking meals in a hotel since most cafés and restaurants offer great breakfast and brunch for reasonable (better) prices. Visiting these places visitors can get in contact with locals for more hints and tips about the surrounding area.

Location is negligible, it is only important to check how centralized one wants to stay. Choosing some kind of a private accommodation it is easy to live self-supplied because these places are normally surrounded by a well established supply with daily goods (shops, pubs, cafés, restaurants) without paying a tourist surcharge.

Living self-supplied is great once visitors visit farmers markets, where you can get regional specialties, gourmet food, snacks and fresh foods for reasonable prices. Some farmers markets, like Winterfeldmarkt, Markthalle IX and Wochenmarkt am Karl-August-Platz are regional secrets because they have a great atmosphere and you can get great snacks, delicacies and fresh food there. A simple breakfast with a coffee and a bun you can get very cheap at most kiosks or 24h-shops.

For culture-lovers it is worth buying a town magazine, Tip or Zitty, they provide the most part of the whole cultural program in Berlin for 2 weeks and the address.  It is available at every kiosk or newspaper stand. There are also town magazine with tips and different scenes for free to find in pubs.

Since Berlin has no closing time there is a lot of shops with long opening hours (Spätkauf), 24h shops and kiosks, where visitors can get mostly everything of daily needed products (food, drinks, sanitary products) without surcharge.

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