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Berlin Local Secrets

Local Secrets of Berlin

Below we uncover the tips and secret locals keep to themselves.

Sequencing and arrangement of local secrets is at random, there might be more to know and to learn but only through talking with locals. Visiting these events visitors should mingle with locals and ask for more tips and attractions.

The Leydicke has more than 120 years of tradition in liqueur manufacturing and wine tasting. Visitors can drink liqueurs made from traditional recipes from founding times. Today the Leydicke is a great party location on a regular basis. Every Saturday starting around 9.30 p.m. and there are also some special parties. This is even unique for Berlin. Since this special place lost the focus of the mass of people some years ago, it is now a place for great people having fun with live music.

For culture lovers on a budget and  a little more flexible regarding entertainment choices it is a great idea to check for 50%-discount tickets for the same evening at Hekticket (web), or Bahnhof Zoo or am Alexanderplatz starting at 2 p.m. every day.

Bargains, curiosities, and unique souvenirs can be found at great flea and junk markets in Berlin. At the Mauerpark there is a market every Sunday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. where you can find some great pieces but also enjoy the day with some alternative programs.  In the Straße des 17. Juni there is a famous junk market that has a 30 year tradition and is very popular among natives.

A real secret, even among lots of natives, is a huge Asian open air kitchen.  When you would like to have some real authentic Asian food you should visit the Preußenpark. Mostly on weekends, hundreds of Asian people from different origins (Vietnamese, Philippines, Chinese, Korean, Thais) meet there and prepare food for themselves, friends, families and people interested in tasting. The prices are very cheap, food is great and authentic, and the atmosphere is beyond words.

Ever heard of a Tanztee or tea dance? Everyone who would like to know what this was should visit the famous Café Keese. It was quite some time ago that male taxi-dancers offered their services for elderly dames to enjoy the afternoon or evening with dancing. But you can go there for dancing in style. For discrete contact there are table telephones installed. Enjoy!

A tradition in the east part of Berlin is the yearly International Berlin Beer Festival, it is balled the longest beer-garden of the world. It is the place to be for every beer lover since the are hundreds or even thousands of beers for testing from all over the world.

For gourmets and ‘gourmets to be’ there is the eat! Berlin Gourmet Festival. One week to test and enjoy the best cuisines (arts and crafts) in Berlin for a great get-to-know-price.

A local secret for women enjoying select fabrics and pieces. There are lots of designers and labels in Berlin. But there are also lots of great second-hand shops with designer clothes.

Looking for something real unique, select and crazy visiting the Fundusverkauf of the Berlin opera houses. They sell e.g. stage props and model clothing from the great operas for making the life a play on its own.

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