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Cultural Berlin

Cultural Berlin — Quantity, Quality and Insider Secrets

Plurality, diversity and richness make the Berlin cultural landscape a fascinating experience.

Berlin is a great place to experience a huge variety of types and characteristics of modern and classic performing arts. An opera can be seen at one of the three big opera houses and can be enjoyed while performed at a small theatre society or on a tiny performance stage. History-charged theatre like Faust from Goethe can be witnessed in classic or modern form and length with perfection at one of the multitude of theatres, but alternatively it might be performed at a small off-stage as a rigidly shortened 2-man piece in one hour.

Berlin is a place to experience performing arts full of life. In Berlin theatre, cabaret, opera and concerts are simply manifestations of actively lived history and an unbelievably divers creative scene. Berlin residents spend much of their money for live entertainment in Germany and keep Berlin cultural variety and institutions alive this way which also makes Berlin a most attractive place for tourists.

Everyone who loves classic theatre must not miss visiting one of the great classic theatre houses of Berlin. Lots of performance sites shape German culture, lead and mirror international cultural developments already for more than 100 years. In Charlottenburg it is possible to experience all forms of classic theatre in close spatial proximity from ambitious contemporary drama (Renaissance Theatre), over mind candy like musicals (Theater des Westens) and comedies, to politically and socially dedicated theatre (Schaubühne). Quality restaurants, bars and pubs nearby make a wonderful amusement evening an easy exercise for natives and foreign visitors.

One really famous amusement district already since the early 1920s is the Friedrichstreet. There is not only the world famous Friedrichstadt Palace (Friedrichstadtpalast) located and the Admirals Palace (Admiralspalast), furthermore there are lots of small stages. Cabaret here is surely performed for amusement but it is also in highest quality spiced with social criticism (e.g. Cabaret Distel). Besides amusement there is also in best tradition founded by (inter alia) Berthold Brecht political and committed educational theatre to be found (Berliner Ensemble, Volksbühne). Restaurants, bars and pubs in this special area offer amazing, innovative and culinary possibilities for discoveries, because this area of Berlin started a dramatic new development and self-invention after the German reunification. Spatial proximity to high politics (Reichstag) surely also helped with this development.

The highest art of opera is embraced at three big opera houses and some small stages. Since selection, staging, directing and style are totally different real opera lovers feel the commitment to visit at least the three big opera houses (Deutsche Staatsoper, Deutsche Oper, Komische Oper). Lots of national and international opera stars (e.g. Anna Netrebko, Placido Domingo) performed and perform on these stages regularly or even call it their home.

New theatres and stages are founded and old ones are revived in Berlin all the time. It is a real pleasure to discover the Berlin cultural landscape. Everyone who visits Berlin to experience culture will experience merriment for heart and soul and will collect unique memories enriching personal life. Cultural Berlin is a good cause for always returning to visit Berlin again.

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